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Our laboratory is equipped with:
- Two epifluorescent microscopes with cameras and computers as well as software for analysis (Nikon, Leica, Zeiss, and Olympus).
- One stereo microscope for large specimens (Olympus) is also present, as well as two A1R Nikon confocal with spectral detection (Nikon, Japan).
- Z1 Zeiss inverted microscope with incubator system (Zeiss, Germany), a broad confocal (Zeiss, Germany).
- High-resolution laser capture (Leica, Germany).
- A full setup for electrophysiology, pullers, and controllers is available (Multiple brands).
- One electron microscope, scanning, JEOL JSM-6510V, and accessories such as an electro-puller, Peltier cooled, CryoEM microscope, critical point.
-One  Leica CM1900 cryostat.
- We have vibratomes, cryostats, microtomes (ultra-cut E, Reichert-Jung, Germany), microinjection systems, micromanipulators, single-cell electroporators, and incubators.

Imaging Facility: Services
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